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In case you reside in Canada, it is possible that you are among the many individuals who are great fans of playing Lotto 6/49. Actually, it ranks among the huge Canadian lottery games. The other one is Lotto Super 7. The winning digit combinations in this game are drawn on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

History of Lotto 6/49

Lotto 6/49 was started in June 1982 and was recognized as the initial lottery game in the whole Canadian state. With this game, players were permitted to make a decision on their personal numbers. Even previously, other lottery games were present in Canada. These were Olympic Lottery, Lotto Canada and Super Lotto. Each of them used their tickets’ serial numbers. But, after the launch of the Lotto 6/49, it made the earlier lottery games become outdated.

Playing Lotto 6/49

As implied by its name, 6 digits are drawn from a 49 numbers set. The prize of the jackpot changes and this is determined by whether someone has won Lotto 6/49 or not already. One becomes a jackpot winner if the numbers they chose match the winning digit combination.

Someone wins ‘second prize’ when the ticket of the player is equal to winning combination’s five digits together with the bonus digit. The general rule is that when multiple winners for the jackpot or second prize exist, the whole amount is split between each of them.

Players who obtain three digits or two of the winning combination digits as well as the bonus digit are presented with the minor prizes. If there is no winner for the jackpot prize, which is highly coveted, the amount then rises over the following draws until a winner emerges for it.

Cost of the Ticket

Normally, the tickets are affordable. They often vary between $1-$2. Everyone would no doubt wish to become part of the rage, since a huge quantity of cash is available!

A player’s objective and systems for winning

Without a doubt, anyone who plays Canadian lottery just has one objective. That is winning the jackpot prize. Numerous players normally think that being a winner or loser depends on luck. The issue is that they do not believe that a better strategy which will win over their rivals.

Lottery 6/49’s winning secret is that it all involves imagining the next set of winning digits. It is all about predicting future number combination. You may do all you can to understand the pattern utilized, however, your efforts have not borne fruit. The reason might be because a machine picks the numbers.

What you need to do is omit some numbers. Avoid using the natural classification of digits. In addition, mix odd as well as even numbers to increase your winning chances.


Winning Tips for Lotto 6/49


The most vital tips for becoming a Canadian lotto winner involves number selection. Drawing of lottery numbers is done randomly; however, it is possible to recognize patterns among these numbers that are drawn randomly.

According to lottery advisors, you need to focus on the probabilities. If you come across a pattern that occurs often, you stand a better opportunity of becoming a winner if you play the particular pattern.

Odd and Even Numbers

It is advisable for you to evenly balance your number selections between odd and even numbers. It is uncommon for all the odd numbers to be drawn, or all the even numbers to be drawn. This happens only 1% of the instance.

So, it is obvious that you lose 99% of the time. Your winning chances increase the more you balance your odd and even numbers. Lottery advisors suggest a mix of 3/4 or 4/3 as one of these patterns is anticipated to happen in around 60% of the draws.

High-Low Numbers

You can anticipate noticing the winning numbers cover the whole number field. The range of Canadian Lotto is 1-49. Some players who are successful select their numbers depending on the comprehension that in case the number is divided into two, a low half and high half will exist.

Therefore, for example, in Lotto 6/49, 1-25 numbers are the low half and the high halves are 26-49. Selecting high and low digits should be the same as the split of odds and evens; balanced. Once more, the most ideal combination to have is 3/4 or 4/3 (3 high digits and 4 low digits or the opposite). Around 56% of each drawing ends up in this kind of pattern.

Number Groupings

You can recognize probable winning digits by checking a list of previous successes. It occurs frequently that one number group or more are unrepresented. By monitoring number groups, you are able to know which groups you should disregard and the ones you need to focus on.

Balance Your Game

Select your digits then sum them up together. The total of your selected numbers needs to sum up to about 117 and 210. More than 70% of all jackpots for Lotto 6/49 have consisted of digits which, when totaled, fell in that range.

Another pattern indicates that often, lottery numbers are repeated from one game to another. More than 59% of the instance, one number from previous lottery draw will repeat in the following draw. Consider selecting one number from the earlier winning draw.

Hot Hand Picks

It is interesting to note that digits that have not been selected or four games or lower, make up around 50% of the winning digits in the following draws. Digits that have not been selected for ten games or lower make up 80% of the winning digits for the following draw.

At the same time, cold digits, (digits that have not been selected for ten or more draws) are not essentially likely to appear. Therefore, according to statistics, it is not useful to tell yourself that a certain digit has not been selected for a lengthy period and that it is likely to be picked.

Lottery Wheels

A lot of individuals rely on a system for lottery wheel, which offers you the option to bet on a huge group of digits. You are then able to play that group’s scientific combinations for a particular minimum win guarantee. Each of the winning digits in your group combine and therefore, you are assured of a minimum of one prize in case each of the winning digits appears in your selected group.

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