Become an Expert in Playing Canadian Lotto 6/49

Canadian players have many lottery options. These are issued by provincial lottery corporations and managed by every Ministry of Finance province. These lotteries include two national lotteries: Lotto Max and Lotto 649.

Generally, Lotto 649 is believed to be a lottery option that is more popular. Players are able to select their own numbers, which offers players a feeling of being in control of their fortunes. Each Lotto 649 offers a guaranteed payout of $1 million prize together with the jackpot prize.

Playing Canadian Lotto 649

Every ticket for Lotto 649 costs $3. You are able to buy your ticket from any certified retailer. Alternatively, you can purchase the ticket online at website.

After you buy, you shall obtain a card that has a single set of figures from 1-49 for the Main Jackpot Draw (this begins at $5 million and increases until a person wins it) together with another set of ten digit numbers for the Guaranteed Prize Draw of $1 million.

There is an option for Advanced option, where you are able to play up to 26 weeks continuously.  Sales for each draw’s tickets end at 10:30pm. The draws take place each Wednesday and Saturday night at 11:00 pm.

Two play options are available to you, for Lotto 649; these are Pick Your Own Number and Quick Pick.

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Quick Pick Option

If you desire to play through Quick Pick option:

  • Request your retailer for a Quick Pick ticket.
  • Study the Quick Pick box on the selection slip for Lotto 649.
  • Show that you want to buy a Quick Pick ticket when you buy your ticket online.
  • To play multiple draws in advance (up to 26 draws limit), show the number of draws you want to take part in; do this either online or through your lottery trader.

If your allotted figures match the six figures from 1-49 together with a single bonus number as selected in the bi-weekly draw, this makes you a winner!

If your number precisely matches the guaranteed prize draw figure of 10-digit, you become a winner of the 1 million guaranteed prize.

Pick Your Own Number

To select your own number, purchase your selection slip for 649 at a nearby retailer or online. Select six figures from 1-49 going to 10 boards; every selection costs $3. You can check these two options also and play similar figures for Lotto 649 and local provincial lotto 49.

For advance playing of multiple draws, check the Advanced Play box for how many draws you desire to play. You have the choice to play even 26 weeks beforehand.

Six figures together with one bonus number shall be drawn for Lotto 649 National Draw. You are a winner if your figures match. A 10-digit number is involved in the guaranteed prize draw. In case the number you select precisely matches the guaranteed prize draw figure of 10-digit, this means you win.


Prizes for 649 begin at $2 and grow each week until a person wins. Each draw guarantees that a person will win a prize of $1.

Super Draws

Super Draws take place every three months; for every draw, they present a $1 million guaranteed prize draw. Any person, who bought a LOTTO 649 play before the Super Draw date for the draw, instantly has an opportunity to become a winner of the Super Draw prizes.

There are no extra expenses for taking part in the Super Draw. If you buy a Lotto 649 tickets for the draw that takes place before the Super Draw, you shall instantly be included in the Super Draw at no extra ticket purchase cost.


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