Beware of Lotto Scam Artists

Winning the lottery is like a fairytale to some people. If you have had the pleasure of playing Lotto 649 and winning, this is no longer just a fairytale. However, the thought of winning a lot of money should not cause you to let your guard down. There are many people who have ended up falling prey to scams.


For you to be eligible for a win, you have to play Lotto649 online first. You cannot win something that you have not participated in. if you receive an email congratulating you on winning Lotto 649 even though you have never participated, this is a scam.

Most people who are looking to make a quick buck out of you use your email address. If you receive such an email, delete it and do not respond. Otherwise, you will find someone on the other end asking you for money in one way or another.

Money Trap

If you play Lotto 649 online and win, you will not be required to pay any amount to access your winnings. If you come across someone who asks you to first send some money for processing or any other procedure that sounds legitimate, do not do it. This is the main aim of sending you the email about winning in the first place. These people want to con you out of your money and disappear never to be found.

Lotto 649 Scam

Origin of Winning Lotto Email

Lotto 649 has headquarters that you can verify online. This information will help you to ascertain whether or not the person emailing you is a scam artist. Most of the emails that you receive claiming that you have won the lottery are either from Nigeria or countries that have nothing to do with Lotto. Being able to play Lotto 649 online has advantages, but it has also opened up the world to many scam artists.

Notification is Not via Email

Another dead giveaway is the fact that Lotto 649 does not notify winners via email. There is a drawing process that can be verified through various online sources. The winning numbers are plastered everywhere for all and sundry.

It is never a private affair that has to be communicated via email to the concerned party only. Every year, many winnings are unclaimed. This should be enough proof that you do not get an email notification unless you have put in a request for the same, even if you play Lotto 649 online.

Always Confirm Your Numbers

Every time you buy a lottery ticket, get acquainted with the number combination. Keep checking the news for winning draws and confirm these against your ticket number. This will help to avoid scam artists if you do play Lotto 649 online. That way, you are sure that it is a scam the minute you receive the email.

Always take precautions against falling into traps that are carefully set by scam artists. Be vigilant and keep reminding everyone around you about the fraudulent activities that some people are engaged in via emails. This will help even those who do not participate in Lotto649 to avoid getting scammed.

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5 thoughts on “Beware of Lotto Scam Artists

  • Thanks for the advice. Just got the 649 scam in my e-mail

    • me too… I just received it and I am looking for possible reasons.
      coz I haven’t bought any ticket.

  • I received an email says that I am a winner Lotto 6/49 and asking for my personal email. I surprised how come I can be a winner though I have not bought any ticket. I suspected and now I found it’s a scam. Thanks

  • Lotto 649 called said I was the winner of 2million Canadian dollars because I paid my utilities. All that was required was for me to go to H&R Block with a check for $5,500 to get a stamped confirmation, this was to cover the taxes on my winnings. This needs to STOP some poor person will fall for this SCAM

  • Just got a scam phone from 1-876-432-5991 in Kingston Jamaica that I won Litto 6/49


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