Canadian Lotto Changed the Life of George Childs When he Won $1 Million

Interesting Stories of People Winning the Lotto Max Lottery

When you are playing the lottery in Canada, you can find plenty of options at your disposal in terms of games. There are a ton of lotteries that can be played and each has a different format, odds and prizes. The cost of the games also varies and you can decide what you are comfortable with. One of the most popular lotteries that are played is the Lotto Max. It was introduced in 2009 and has helped many people become millionaires. The drawings for this game are held every Friday so you have one opportunity each week to take home a prize.

Lotto Max also changed the life of George Childs when he won a hefty prize of $1 million in the draw conducted on October 26th, 2018. The Simcoe resident had been playing the lottery for almost thirty years and had the habit of participating in the Lotto Max and Lotto 6/49 draw on a regular basis. Before this prize win, his highest win had been valued at $125. The 62 year old works for a tractor company as a shipper and discovered his windfall when he scanned his lottery ticket on the OLG Lottery App.

He said that he had to go to the airport after discovering his win and it had been a memorable drive for him. He was delighted with his winnings and stated that it was overwhelming and exciting and it would take a while for things to settle down. George is married and when asked about his plans, the father of two said that he would retire and use his prize to go on a Caribbean vacation. He bought the winning ticket in Simcoe from the Real Canadian Superstore located on Queensway.

Brampton’s Geeta Janbandhu also won $1 million through the Lotto Max draw on October 26th. She said that she liked playing Lotto Max, Lotto 6/49 as well as INSTANT tickets. The real estate agent had been out with family when they decided to buy a couple of INSTANT tickets. The mother of two gave her Lotto Max ticket to her son to check. He came running out of the store with the news that she had won a prize. The married 54 year old said that winning was awesome and unexpected.

The first thing that she did with her prize was to pay off her mortgage and was immensely pleased with that move. She also revealed that she was going to use some portion of her prize to help out in her daughter’s wedding whereas the rest would be invested in a restaurant for her son. She had bought the winning ticket in Brampton from the Springdale Convenience located on Bovaird Drive.

George and Geeta were not the only players who took home a prize that day. The same Lotto Max draw also changed the life of one Gordon Clarke as he was able to claim the $500,000 MAXIMILLIONS prize that day. Residing in Brockville, Gordon revealed that he only plays the Lotto Max when the jackpot reaches $60 million or higher. The father of three came to know of his winnings when he went to the local corner store for checking his ticket. He disclosed that upon discovering how much the ticket was worth, the clerk had danced around the store in excitement.

As for himself, Gordon said that it finally sank it when the OLG called him to confirm his prize. The retired real estate agent had plans of sharing his windfall with his kids. The 71 year old said that he could now get rid of his tensions and could find tranquility. He had purchased the winning ticket in Brockville at the Quickie located on Central Avenue.

On the same day, the Lotto Max draw changed the lives of three families completely as they all took home major prizes through their participation. The lottery continues to bring good news for people every week and it did the same for Kiven Armstrong who hails from St. Catharines. Kiven participated in the Lotto Max draw that was conducted on November 30th, 2018 and his participation resulted in a massive win of $1 million for him.

He was quite thrilled at his win and disclosed that it was his first win in the lottery. He added that he liked playing when the jackpots were high because that means you can win big. Kiven, who is an auto worker, had gone to the store for buying toilet paper and had decided to check his ticket as well. He said that he had been happy upon discovering that he had won a prize, but didn’t know it was such a huge amount. He believed he had managed to win $1,000. When the 46 year old discovered his actual winnings, he couldn’t believe it at all. He knew people won the lottery, but he just didn’t expect to be a winner himself. Kiven is married and the father of three said that he would install a pool for his kids.

He also said that he would use the money to pay off his mortgage, go on a cruise and set up an education fund for his kids. He had purchased his winning ticket from Avondale Macturnball, which is located on Macturnball Drive in St. Catherines.

Playing the Lotto Max is fun and easy for everyone. The cost of a single ticket in the game is $5, but the return can be enormous if you win as it was for the winners above. The jackpot starts at a minimum of $10 million and can go as high as $60 million. There are plenty of smaller prizes as well that are nothing to sneeze at. You can get a chance to win any prize once in a week and seven numbers have to be selected between 1 and 49 in order to participate.

When the main draw surpasses $50 million, Lotto Max MAXIMILLIONS prizes worth $1 million are also offered. With one ticket, you can win prizes in both draws.

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