All About the Canadian Lotto Max Lottery Game

Canada is known to have three main lottery games recognised as national lotteries. The Lotto Max, coordinated and regulated by the Interprovincial Lottery Corporation – a corporation in charge of the regulation of gaming activities, is one of these recognized lottery games. Lotto Max came was introduced on 19 of September 2009 as a replacement for the ‘Lotto Super 7’.

Playing the Lotto Max

Because the Lotto Max is the successor of the Lotto Super 7, there is no surprise as to the similarities that exist between the lotteries. The Lotto Max is a 7/49 game meaning that a player has to select 7 balls from a pool of 47 balls to participate in and play the game. The cost of each board is at least $5 which comes with every purchased board having an addition of two quick picks. Features of the main drawing include a jackpot price beginning at CDN$ 10,000,000.

An additional feature of the Lotto Max is the addition of $1 Million prizes when the jackpot reaches $50 Million. This feature is open to all three sets of numbers and is known as the MaxMillions. With MaxMillion, in the event that some of the Max Million prizes are not won, the prizes are added to the next Lotto Max minimum guaranteed jackpot which starts at CDN$ 10,000,000. Again, the prize was formerly capped at fifty million but changes made to the game which took effect on the 17th July 2015 put the jackpot cap at CDN$ 60 million. When the weekly draw is held and the jackpot declared won, and with any maxmillion prizes that are unclaimed, the maxmillion prizes are added to the minimum ten million of the main jackpot draw. Also note that all winners get their money and prizes tax free, likewise other Canadian lottery games.

The introduction of Lotto max was very successful as it recorded a very high revenue within its first ten months of operation. This ten months revenue was far more than the combined revenues of some best year sales of the former Supper lotto 7. An OLG representative accredited lotto max’s popularity to huge size of its final prize pool. This compared to larger lotto games recorded in the U.S. Also, the inception of Maxmillion gave consumers the perception that they stood higher chances of winning more and higher prizes.


Lotto max is governed by the interprovincial lottery corporation in Canada, she works hand in glove with over 5 Lottery Corporation in different regions. This is owned by over 3 territories and 10 provinces. Individuals retailing these products receive a percentage from the lottery per ticket they sell. However, retailer contracts vary depending on jurisdictions and the money per ticket is not rotten from the won prizes.

Prize structure

The Lotto Max boasts of seven different prize tiers which are determined based on the number of numbers matched. The first-tier prize also known as the jackpot is won when a player successfully matches all seven of the balls drawn during the draws. The odds of winning this prize stand at 1 in 85.9 million. The next prize is won when a player matches six of the seven main balls plus the bonus number. The odds of doing so stand at 1 in 4 million with the prize equivalent to 3.15% of the total prize fund. Other prizes exist for those who match 3, 4, 5 or 6 main numbers and a prize for players who match 3 numbers plus the bonus number.

As for the MaxMillion prizes, a player is expected to match all seven of the numbers draws in order to win a prize of C$ 1 Million; the odds of which are 1 in 28.6 million.

Largest draws

The drawings of 17 July 2015 were first held following the new rules which gives room for the main jackpot to exceed fifty million Canadian dollars. This saw a group of about 20 employees a store in Quebec (Rona) wining a price of $55 million. At that moment, that was the second largest jackpot ever won in the entire Canadian history. This of course came second to $63,400,000 won from lotto 6/49 from a 2013 drawing.

Lotto Max’s record was first beaten on the 25 of September 2016 by the very first ever lotto draw done for $60,000,000. This was from a single ticket that was won from Ontario (Brampton)

Prize pool

The drawings held of the 6 of July 2012 came as the first to bid a prize pool of one hundred million dollars, with an additional fifty million with 50 of the one million maxmillion prizes. This of course goes for matching exactly all 7numbers on the ticket. Doing three weeks of consecutive rollovers driven by a larger pay-out. This emerged as the largest ever known lotto max drawing following the former caps. The combination of 50 of one million maxmillion prizes with an addition of $ 50,000,000, hence a total of over $100,000,000 Canadian dollars for the main take home prize.

A new record was made on 12 august 2016, whereby a draw of 7 numbers matched exactly gave a sum total of $102,000,000, with a new cap of over sixty million affixed to the major jackpot including $1,000,000 maxmillion prices and $42,000,000. This jackpot rolled for over 8 weeks consecutively, thereby increasing the new price record.

How to claim your prize

For anyone meant to collect cash prize less than one thousand dollars, claiming your bet is pretty much simple as the money is paid to your PlayOLG account. For those who have a free play, the numbers will be automatically generated by the computer and the ticket will be added to the nearest upcoming draw.

Cash prizes in the range of $1001 to $100,000 this entails you to fill a LPCD Form (Lottery Prize Claim Declaration Form). Once the form is duly submitted and reviewed, OLG takes care of the rest by either getting back to you for additional information or by doing a direct credit to your PlayOLG account.

How to purchase

For those with accounts, simply log in, deposit funds, and click on the icon indicating you buy a lotto max ticket on the page and then do a selection of your numbers. Every Friday night comes with online single purchase sales of tickets per draw until 10:30PM. New breaks hence occur now every Friday for ten minutes from 10:30 – 10:40 pm. Draw sales will consequently reopen to continue draws as from 10:41 pm. Lotto max tickets on PlayOLG with ENCORE can’t be bought during break hours of Fridays, Saturdays and Wednesdays.

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