Canada Lotto 6/49 Winners During June 2018

About Canada Lotto 6/49 Anything is possible in the lottery world. A person’s life can change in a single night.

Elizabeth Medina of Brampton Wins $100k Prize

Elizabeth Medina is the winner of $100,000 in Canada Lotto 6/49. Elizabeth Medina wins $1,000,017 in the May 26 draw. Elizabeth

4 Maxmillions were won in LOTTO MAX

The draw today will present a jackpot of $60 million and about 29 Maxmillions On 12 May, 2018 (last night)

Susan Boddington and Howard MacDonald: Couple From Toronto Hits Lotto Max Jackpot of $32M

A couple from Toronto has won above $32 million following a March 9 win in the Lotto Max draw. Susan

Teenager from Canada wins $1,000 in lottery each week for a lifetime

Turning 18 is the moment when most teenagers begin to wonder how they will pay their way in the world,

Leading Online Gambling Sites in Canada

Ideal 2018 Sites for Gamblers in Canada Cities like Montreal and Toronto are huge and contemporary; however, Canada presents massive

Lotto 6/49: Get that 6/49 Feeling – FCB Canada

FCB Canada has started the latest Lotto 6/49 platform for ‘Get That 6/49 Feeling.’ The platform welcomes each person to

Man from Hanover wins almost $ 1 million

A man from Hanover intends to assist some buddies and make trips following his win of almost $1 million when

Man From Canada Becomes Lottery Winner of 1 Million Following the Burning of His Family’s Residence in Wildfires

In the previous year or so, Bill Pendergast has experienced bad luck. However, now things have greatly improved. On Friday,

Unidentified Millionaire in possession of winning ticket worth $23.3M

The winner of a lottery ticket worth $23.3 million, which was sold in the region of Hamilton, is aware that