How to Win Lotto 649 and Check Lotto 649 Results

Numbers for Lotto 649 and Results for Canadian Lottery Interprovincial Lottery Corporation in Toronto carries out drawing for Lotto 649

Comparing Lottario to Lotto 6/49

The Reason Lottario is better compared to Lotto 6/49 Lottario is not very popular. Lotto 6/49 gains its popularity from

Canadian Lotteries

There are a lot of varied lottery games in Canada that operate all through Canada. Some are remarkably famous multi-province

Quebec Family and Friends split $60-million win From Quebec49

In January 2017, laughter broke out among the 28 smiling winners of the largest jackpot to be won from Quebec49.

Man from Ottawa region becomes winner of Lotto 6/49 and takes fortune home

Hot news: A lot of us imagine being lottery winners and for a man from Manotick, this dream has been

Winning Strategies for Lotto 649 Canada

The first genuine Canadian lottery was Lotto 649. It provided players with the liberty to select their individual numbers from

They Won the Lotto 649 – So Can You…

Lotto 649 is the biggest, and dare we say, the best lottery draw game in Canada. The popularity of this

Become an Expert in Playing Canadian Lotto 6/49

Canadian players have many lottery options. These are issued by provincial lottery corporations and managed by every Ministry of Finance

No Winning Ticket for Lotto 649 Jackpot

On Saturday, February 11, 2017, there was no winner for the $7 million Lotto 649 jackpot. The numbers that were

Winning Lotto 649 for the Second Time

Some people insist that there are no Lotto 649 winners. They say that no one from their home town has