Comparing Lottario to Lotto 6/49

The Reason Lottario is better compared to Lotto 6/49

Lottario is not very popular. Lotto 6/49 gains its popularity from its higher prizes; however, a lot of repeat winners will advise you to play smaller lotteries.

Winning numbers for Lotto 6/49 and Lottario are six, as well as a bonus for each draw. These games are comparable, but very different.

About Lottario

The cost of Lottario is only one dollar. It offers you two sets that consist of six numbers. The initial set of numbers that you select as well as the second set is selected for you randomly. $250,000 is the minimum jackpot and drawings for the Lottario winning numbers are carried out once per week.

An early bird jackpot is available, which can raise the winning prospects you have. Winning numbers for Early Bird Lottario are drawn the previous Friday and you should be in possession of each of the four digits to win.

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Details of Lottario

Lottario lottery presents a Canadian State lottery from Ontario province, where Ottawa & Toronto is found. It is managed and run by OLG (Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corporation).

For more than 30 years, playing of the Lottario lottery has taken place at home and is among the most famous Ontario province lottery draw games as well as the most famous among lotteries in the whole of Canada.

People who regularly play Lottario do this because the game presents an enjoyable and thrilling draw game. Lottario offers jackpots which rollover to huge amounts, prizes that are exempt from tax and winning odds, which might challenge any game of lotto that is available.

As a section of the formation of Lottario, it was created so that a specific percentage of income will be given straight to Ontario state to help in local projects and in education. From the time the Lottario draw started, more than $25,000,000,000 has been collected for this objective.

What does Early Bird mean?

Early bird presents a Lottario draw feature that motivates individuals to purchase their tickets early. Early bird presents an independent draw from the main one. Just players who buy tickets 24 hours in advance or more qualify for the draw of early bird. The jackpot draw for early bird is a fixed $50,000.

Picking Numbers

Players select 6 digits from an overall number pool of 45. To become winner of the top tier prize, a player needs to match each of the six numbers they have selected. This provides the draw’s jackpot prize.

Players also have the chance to select a bonus ball as well as the six standard balls. The bonus ball is just crucial to the prize of second-tier.  Lottario utilizes similar playing sheet for early bird draw as for the standard draw.

It is not necessary to pick extra draws if you desire to play in the draw for early bird.  You are entered automatically into the early bird draw for Lottario if you buy your ticket early.

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Draw Days

There is only one drawing for Lottario each week at 10:30 pm local time, each Saturday evening.

Ticket Price

The cost of every ticket is $1. Purchasing your ticket one day beforehand qualifies you for early bird draw as well as the standard draw at similar price.

The ticket costs the same as for a standard draw together with early bird draw. No extra expenses are incurred when early bird draw is played.

The minimum jackpot is $250,000 CAD and the record jackpot is $3,600,000 CAD.

Lotto 6/49

The price of a ticket for Lotto 6/49 is $3 and a guaranteed prize of $1 is available. The jackpot begins at $5 million and it is simple for you to become winner of a free play by matching two digits.

Therefore, the winning odds of a prize for Lotto 6/49 are better (1 in 6.6) while in Lottario it is 1 in 21. Drawings for Lotto 6/49 winning numbers happen on Wednesday and Saturday.

It is simple to conclude that Lotto 6/49 presents a better choice if you want to become winner of a large quantity of cash. But, the number of times that the prize is divided will have an impact on the quantity that you win. The big Lotto 6/49 prizes have caused individuals to purchase a ticket.

This raises the odds that a split jackpot will be present which can be very disappointing. This is particularly for groups of individuals who collectively play the lottery. However, they are sharing their tickets to begin with, anyway!

Smaller lotteries such as Lottario have a great advantage as they have fewer players. This makes the jackpot amounts lower; however, it also signifies that shared jackpots have less chance of happening. In case a split jackpot occurs, it shall feature fewer individuals; therefore, you win in the same manner as you would in the event of a big Lotto 6/49 sharing with a lot of people.

Sharing of a jackpot is not what majority of the people has in mind when playing the lottery. This is because chances of this happening are slim. The chances are determined by the lottery.

Other reasons for you to play smaller lotteries such as Lottario if you wish to win are the amounts that you are playing as well as your chances. Repeat winners of lottery are increasing, as they comprehend how the game is played.

It is simpler to win smaller lotteries due to the lower cost and the lower number of individuals playing. Lottario offers you four methods of winning a jackpot in case you purchase an Early Bird ticket. It is also possible for you to purchase three tickets at similar cost as a single Lotto 6/49 ticket.

This signifies that your prospects of being a winner of the jackpot are 12. If you have many tickets with exceptional number combinations, this improves your winning chances.

The jackpot for early bird can also raise your winning chances. The most ideal choice for you will be determined by what you are searching for in your lottery game; however, your winning odds can be improved by playing the two.

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