Fascinating Features of Canadian Lotto 6/49

Specifics of Canadian Lotto 6/49

Canadian Lotto 6/49 is carried out each week on Wednesday and Saturday. Participants choose six figures from 1-49 using their preferred normal or lucky numbers.

Normally, quick pick can be accessed, where six numbers are selected randomly on your behalf by the computer system.  The large jackpot is won by choosing the six numbers that are drawn. Payouts for the 2nd prize are carried out for 5 suitable numbers together with the bonus. The bonus ball is derived from the precise 1-49 numbers.

Sharing of the prizes is carried out between multiple winners in any level apart from nailing 3 figures from 6 ($10) and two figures from six with $5, which is the bonus number.

This represents a rollover jackpot that starts at CDN$3 million then rises. Each of the prizes, which are inclusive of the huge jackpot, is fully paid out since according to the Canadian government, they are tax-free. In case you are a global participant, you might be eligible for taxation in your country.

Lotto 6/49

Customer Support from Lotto 6/49

They avail local phone numbers which international players are able to use also, free of charge. However, the local call amount is applicable to the ones calling from abroad. They also offer an assisting form that is web-based.

Their provincial sites have everything that many players may require to comprehend, for instance, forms for claiming their huge jackpot. But, in case you are an international player, nearly all great concierge lottery services can provide these forms for you.

Guaranteed Prize Draw of $1 Million

Each Wednesday and Saturday, following the drawing of the main numbers for Lotto 6/49 jackpot as well as subsidiary prizes, one selection of Guaranteed Prize draw shall be drawn randomly from all Guaranteed Prize Draw selections. These are provided for a $1 million prize (precise match only).

An 8-digit number will represent the Guaranteed Prize Draw selection and after this a 2-digit trailer will follow. The initial eight numbers are similar for all entries on similar ticket and are exclusive to that ticket.

If multiple Lotto 6/49 selections are on the ticket, the player obtains numerous Guaranteed Prize Draw selections. For all entries, the initial eight figures are similar; the two-digit figure after the hyphen begins at 01 and rises by one, for every extra selection on the ticket.

One winning selection of Guaranteed Prize draw shall be drawn from the ones provided, to guarantee that every draw has a winning ticket. As every selection for Guaranteed Prize Draw is exceptional, it will be impossible for two tickets to have similar number.

No subsidiary prizes exist on the $1 million Guaranteed Prize Draw numbers.

Who is Eligible to Play Canada Lotto 6/49?

People who are more than 18 years old are the only ones who can access Canada Lotto 6/49. Still, playing this lottery game does not mean one has to be Canadian. Any person with Internet access can take part in this lottery by utilizing online sales services.

The representative of the service shall purchase the ticket from the certified retailer and it shall be provided online in your individual account. It is not necessary for you to leave your home, simply go online, purchase the ticket and wait for the most recent Lotto 6/49 outcomes.

Claiming Prizes

When you purchase lottery tickets online, your cash prizes are automatically transmitted to your online account, after which they can be shifted further to the bank account or utilized for future games.

When one of the initial prizes is won, or the jackpot, the support service will get in touch with you on how you can claim the cash. You are also able to obtain the money by making a personal visit to Canada. You can totally avoid publicity by having everything carried out on your behalf by the support service.








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