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Lotto 6/49 is the most famous lottery game played in Canada today. In June 1982, this lottery game was launched officially. It became the initial national lottery game in Canada, which enabled players to select their individual numbers.

Before Lotto 6/49 was began, lottery games players needed to buy tickets with numbers printed on them, so as to play. The price of a Lotto 6/49 is 2 dollars, in case it is purchased in a lottery store.Lotto 649 winners

How Lotto 6/49 has gained fame

This game of lottery has gained a special standing in the traditional element of Canadian culture. Actually, around 15 million Canadians engage in playing this game regularly. This conventional jackpot is a lotto kind of lottery game, which utilizes the main matrix format of 6/49.

This signifies that so as to become a winner, a bettor needs to match each of the six winning numbers from a 49 digits pool. Apart from the single selection of six numbers, bettors in Canada are also in a position to choose the EXTRA option on Saturdays or Wednesdays.

This is in case they wish to win top prize of $250,000 or second prize of $100,000. You are also able to select options for quick play and advance play.

Similar to other famous lotteries in Canada and any state in the globe, the jackpot for Lotto 6/49 rolls over from one draw to another if there is no winner. This system presents huge jackpots. For instance, in October 2005, 17 employees of an oil and gas firm, belonging to a lotto group play won an amazing record jackpot of $54.3 million

At that period, lotto had become very famous in the entire Canada, which led to at least the buying of hundreds of lotto tickets each minute. An approximated two out of three Canadians have purchased a lotto ticket. This is truly awesome!

The rise in jackpots could have been impossible if the price of lotto ticket had not been raised. From one dollar, the cost of lotto ticket for 6/49 was raised to 2 dollars in June 2004. To match the rise in lottery cost, the prize of the minimum jackpot has risen to 3.5 million from 2 million on each draw.

How to play the lottery

Who is eligible to play Lotto 6/49? Before, just Canadian citizens were allowed to play this game. But, today as online casino websites are available, this game of lotto has become accessible to every person from any place in the world, since every fan of lotto is able to buy tickets online at virtual stores for lottery tickets.

Playing lotto online offers the chance to also check winning outcomes. There is an age limit for the bettor. Players that have attained a minimum age of 18 years have a chance of being lottery winners.

Where odds for lottery games are concerned, they are very competitive. This should not discourage you however, as this is the nature of lottery games. For top prize, winning odds are 1 in 14 million. It is possible for you to win the lottery now!

Lotto 649

Lotto 6/49 Strategy

Similar to other national lottery draws, Lotto 6/49 from Canada can also be deciphered. Even though the digits in this lottery are drawn randomly, there is a way you can recognize the pattern of draws created.

When you assess previous draws carefully, you will note that patterns exist, which you can adhere to so as to predict the digit combinations, which will most possibly be the outcomes for the upcoming draws. This raises the prospects of winning the jackpot.

Many systems of lottery provide strategies and tips to permit you to totally comprehend the way to select your lottery digits methodically and not just engage in random betting.

With the lottery systems, you learn how to choose your numbers depending on previous draws statistics. So, this lowers the possibility of losing cash because of under-evaluated bets.

A verified efficient lottery system would present dependable strategies to nearly each lottery variation in the globe, such as Canada’s Lotto 6/49.

This lottery variation requires an individual to select six digits from 49. Mainly, people simply play around with the digits they select, making their choices depending on their relatives’ birthdays or their own numbers, which they imagine.

But, this technique does not present genuine outcomes. So as to actually become a winner of Lotto 6/49, you should have a system that is effective in selecting numbers.

An example of a system that is reliable in making your selection is combining odd and even digits as well as high and low digits. Choosing numbers packed with all even or odd digits would just lower your winning prospects to 3%. Therefore, ensure that you create a proportion of 4:2 or 3:3 of odd and even digits.

You should avoid focusing on picking all high or all low digits in one selection. Low numbers of 1-25 and high numbers of 26-49 need to have similar proportion as even and odd digits. Adhering to this technique will truly increase your prospects of winning the jackpot to even 81%.

Another method you can use for winning Lotto 6/49 is deliberately missing one number group or two in one selection. Many times, draw combinations is just inclusive of 3-4 digit groups and exclude one or two.

A complete lottery system would be in a position to offer enough directions on the way to recognize which digit groups to ignore and which groups you need to heavily play on.

The solution to effectively raise the jackpot winning possibility is to ensure that the total of all your chosen digits is in the rage of 115-185. Go higher or lower than the range provided and your winning chances would greatly decrease.

Obtain extra strategies from effective lottery systems and you shall certainly generate continuous proceeds from Lottery 6/49 as well as others.

This prevents you from betting randomly again, because you are already in possession of a system that directs you on the numbers you require to choose.

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