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Ideal 2018 Sites for Gamblers in Canada

Cities like Montreal and Toronto are huge and contemporary; however, Canada presents massive areas that are uninhabited. Actually, it presents the second biggest state on earth, where overall area is concerned.

Remote cities like Whitehorse and Yellowknife are not famous for gaming; but there are sufficient modern and advanced places where online gambling can take place in Canada.

This article talks about our top selections for online gamblers in Canada, the regulations on Internet casinos and some simple demographics about the individuals who play them.

Does Canada Permit Online Gambling?

Before the development of the Internet, gambling regulations in Canada were a lot more uncomplicated. Every province established different policies concerning casino gaming, bingo or lotteries (apart from horse racing). The Internet goes beyond such barriers however, making the issue of regulation a lot more complex.

It is not certain how legal it is for a resident of Canada to bet at an offshore gambling site that accommodates Canadians.  The supplying firm may be breaking some law but as of now, no private resident has been jailed for such an act.

At the time of writing this, more than 1,000 gambling sites avail their services to Canadian residents. But, a bill exists in Quebec that if implemented, would restrict people from Quebec from online gambling sites without permission from the state.

Also, Federal law has indicated that provinces can run their gaming sites so long as inhabitants from nearby areas are forbidden. The result has been the trading of lottery tickets online and regulated kinds of sports betting carried out by organizations like Proline that the government manages.

The first totally legal casino was started in 2004 within Canadian borders. PlayNow.com, which is run by the British Columbia Lottery Corporation can be accessed by residents of British Columbia and Manitoba.  Some years afterwards, Quebec also got involved by starting a similar venture called Espacejeux.

Internet Gambling’s fame in Canada

The data below is a product of a research whose aim is to find out the general popularity of gambling sites in Canada. People who took part in the poll were requested to name the kinds of gaming they had participated in during the last calendar year. A summary percentage of their answers are:

  • Tickets for instant wins – 67.5%
  • Lotteries – 92.9%
  • Electronic gambling machines 33.9%
  • Sports betting – 8.9%
  • Bingo – 10.4%
  • Casinos table tennis – 8.1%
  • Games and poker where players wager against one another – 8%
  • Online gambling – 3%
  • Horse racing betting – 5.1%
  • Futures and trading stocks – 2.8%

The data above shows that online gambling needs a lot of improvement to become the most famous selection for Canadians. It is not surprising that the two options that flourish the most, instant win tickets and lotteries are traded in land-based areas where clients go to purchase basic products like beverages and food.

Specifics about Online Gamblers in Canada

The other day, another research was carried out to find out the demographic structure of gamblers in Canada. Although this information alters consistently, it provides a clear picture.

Firstly, $74,600 is the standard salary of a Canadian resident who takes part in online gambling, which is higher by around $20,000 compared to their countrymen who do not gamble. This sum is also higher compared to the salary of the regular international gambler. It indicates how strong Canada’s economy is.

A Canadian online gambler’s average age is 35.5. It is similar to the nation’s land-based players. However, it is a lot younger compared to the standard international online client. As a state, it seems that all kinds of gambling attracts the younger generation, indicates another research. 10% of teenagers in Canada gamble online.

Since Canadian online gamblers are possibly men the research shows that this gender makes up 82.45 of Internet players in the state. This greatly differs from international gamers where more women take part.

In the regions and territories within the state, online gambling is a lot different from one area to another. Prince Edward Island was the lowest; here, gamblers seemed to be keen in online playing. Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Quebec had low interest levels also. British Columbia and New Brunswick on the other hand, have more participation levels than average.

Online players in Canada are more educated compared to their countrymen. But, this assessment does not apply on a global level since the average player’s education is a bit advanced compared to their counterparts in Canada.

Kahnawake Gaming Commission

The Kahnawake describes an Indian tribe of about 8,000 that inhabit Quebec’s territorial areas. Also, they present one of the top brands in online casino licensing since 1999 when they created the Kahnawake Gaming Commission.

When the Commission issues a license to an online gambling site it can offer services from a certified hosting facility and also relocating equipment as well as personnel to the Kahnawake regions. A thorough background investigation should be done to get a license and a yearly fee of $25,000 (and an extra $5,000 for every worker listed as the application’s main constituent).

Four kinds of licenses are present, even though just three are applicable to the regular Interne casino. Today, the commission maintains nearly 30 online gaming licenses, with top brands like Intertops.com and Bodog.  Examples of the services offered by these clients are poker, sports betting and bingo.

Apart from offering a license for establishments for online gaming the Kahnawake Gaming Commission assists to solve player disagreements. An annual report on these discussions is published on their website, offering a level of transparency that is not found in many of their counterparts. For instance, in 2013, the commission took care of 252 genuine grievances. 110 rulings favored the player.

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