Lotto 649 – Learn from the August Lottery Winners to Win your jackpot

Have you ever heard of lotto? What is lotto? How is it played? There may be several questions that would be going on in your mind if you have never heard of it before. Lotto 649 is famous worldwide. So, let me introduce you to the game of Lotto 649.

What exactly is Lotto?

Lotto can be defined as a lottery game that is played in various parts of the world that can yield your large sum of money in a single instant. It is basically a draw game which allows you to pick any six numbers from 1 to 47. At every draw randomly six numbers are taken out along with an additional number which is a bonus number taken out just for fun. For a single draw, you ought to play two panels.  You can further go on to play additional panels by paying the amount for that panel according to the different draws. Normally the draw days are every Wednesday and Saturday all around the world. People eagerly wait for days to find if they were lucky or not.

How to play the game?

The game, Lotto 649, can be played in 3 ways mainly-

  1. By selecting your own numbers– in this method, you get to mark your own play slip marking in it the numbers that you selected. The six numbers that you selected in your panel ought to be mentioned in this slip
  2. By selecting the Quick pick numbers-in a Quick pick plays your numbers are randomly selected and your time is saved. All you need to do is ask your lottery agent for a quick pick or mark the quick pick option in your play slip.
  3. Online game– Lotto 649 can be easily played online. There are various sites which offer online lotto playing options for people who live in far-off places or don’t have so much time to visit the lottery location. It is also for people who are too lazy to move.

If you are one of those who hasn’t tried playing lotto 649 online, here is your chance to get started. You can simply visit the site and register to the game. Registering has the following benefits-

  1. You will never miss any draw as you will be constantly reminded
  2. You get to save your numbers and play automatically.
  3. Your numbers get automatically checked and hence there is not much you need to do.


Playing Lotto 649 online makes your life so much better and also prevents wastage of any of your time and energy. No extra efforts are required to check in your numbers. You get informed automatically.


August lottery

August winners

Now as you know well about the lotto649, let us now discuss the lottery system that takes place every month. There are thousands of various lotteries every month in and around the world. But the August lottery of Lotto649 is the most awaited one. The lottery game keeps the crowd enthusiastic. The monthly lottery prize is a big fat cash prize of about millions of dollars and can change the fate of anyone and everyone. The lucky winner is announced as the lottery is drawn and the person can claim the prize by showing the ticket number.

The August lottery is one of the most awaited lotteries of the year. In it, the prizes are doubled and people hereby are waiting for it eagerly. The August lottery winners are due shortly. The announcements will be done on the lottery day. This August, additional prizes have been kept that has made the crowd more excited.

The August lottery will change the fate of many and the others will be left disappointed. But having a chance to win is what keeps them going. If you are one of those who is going to be a part of the lottery and wishes to be the August lottery winner, here are a few key points that each of the August lottery winners should keep in mind-

Some important points

Lotto 649 is a lottery game and we all know that the lottery games are all a matter of luck. But there are still certain things that you should know before you play this game. As the game is played both offline and online, the tickets are available in different ways and formats. Online platforms have a perfect record for the ticket numbers etc and backups can be stored for proofs. But when it comes to the offline ticket buying, buying the ticket from the agent needs you to be very cautious. The printed ticket is the only valid record for your claim during the lottery.

If you opted for a quick pick or randomly selected your numbers, it is your responsibility to check the ticket before leaving the agency. You ought to make sure that the ticket shows the exact same numbers that you selected and there is no discrepancy. The Lotto 649 game doesn’t allow you to join the game in between. You cannot get your tickets immediately before the game or while the game is on. The terminals close at these times and do not reopen until the game is done. So, if you wish to be a part of the lottery you ought to be way ahead of time and get your tickets done before the lottery actually shuts.

Other than this the August lottery brings you a chance to get your dream luxury. So, here is the list of tips and tricks that one should definitely know before going for the lottery.

Tips to increase your winning chances

Lotto 649 is a lottery game and is completely based on luck. But experts who have won the lottery for a number of times have stated that the strategies can actually double their chances of winning. The truth is that there is no technique to win the game of lotto. It’s only the strategies that can be helpful in increasing the chances. These strategies can be learned by experience or reading the important tips given below-

  1. Buying more number of tickets

    – a number of tickets certainly improves your chance of a win as compared to a single ticket. But the truth of the matter is, that it is no way a guarantee that you will win. The tickets may cost you a lot and if you don’t win you will have to undergo the loss. If you have excess money which you can afford to lose, you can certainly go on to buy a number of tickets and try your luck.

  2. Forming a lottery syndicate

    Lotto 649 offers a huge sum of money as the prize. So, if you form a syndicate and have to share the money, it won’t be a problem at all. Forming a syndicate will increase your chances by multiple folds and each of the members in the group will profit if you win. Otherwise too, none of you is a loss. It is therefore, a win-win situation and is a great strategy to follow.

  3. Refrain from choosing consecutive numbers

    – It is always advisable to not select the consecutive numbers. Selecting non-consecutive brings the odds in your favor when compared to a selection of the consecutive numbers. Experts suggest that the chance of win increases by about 70% when you don’t select the consecutive numbers.

  4. Choosing a number in the same group

    – it is advised not to choose the numbers that fall in the same number group or end with the same digit as the probability of such numbers to win is very less. Not selecting these numbers in Lotto 649 can prove beneficial and you may end up winning.

  5. Selecting birthdays as the number

    – we all love our family a lot and hence have a tendency of selecting numbers that correspond to their birthdates or anniversaries. But the thing is, the birthdays allow you to select the numbers from 1 to 31 only which is half of the allowed limit. Having numbers greater than 31 will not only increase the probability of winning but will also improve the chances of not sharing the prize with any other person. Hence, it is wise to not follow your heart in such circumstances and take your instincts into account while playing Lotto 649.

  6. Numbers have equal probability-

    All the number in the lotto 649 game has an equal probability of occurrence. The probability is the major factor that determines everything. So, while playing lotto you cannot predict which number will appear, but selecting the numbers greater than 31 decreases the chance of splitting the prize amongst more number of winners if they appear.

  7. Know which game to play-

    Lotto 649 is a great game choice. Further, there are other lottery games too that are available in the market. The national lottery and the state lottery, each offer a wide scope of prizes. The local lotteries although require your presence, the national lotteries to have a wide scope for you. You need to analyze and get to know about the various games that you can opt for. Then select the game you wish to play.

Winnings for lotto649 in the august lottery

To win the jackpot all of the six digits of your number should match the numbers that are drawn. Since a bonus number is also taken out the rule says that if your entire six numbers match, you win the jackpot. If there are 5 matches and the bonus matches you get some part of the jackpot if 5 matches then too you receive a small amount depending upon the type of lottery. If you wish to win the jackpot, necessarily all your six digits should match. Prizes significantly vary depending upon the number of winners and also the collection that was made and also the extra revenues and expenses that came along. All of this is equally responsible for determining the amount that you will receive at the end but whatever be it, the amount is a life changer completely.


As you may be nervous about the lottery results, so are the others. It is advisable to reach the place way before time. Reaching on time will help you secure your place so that you do not miss out on the result. Reaching early will also save you of the chaos and confusion during the lottery. You can check the numbers appropriately and won’t have to jump in between people just to find out what was announced. You save yourself of the anxiety and stress of not being able to know what is going on. And who knows, this August the lottery might be yours. Furthermore, keep your ticket safely until the prizes are done. The ticket is your only claim and you never know when you might get lucky.



Lotto 649 and all the other lotteries in the world have huge amounts to offer as there are a lot of people who play this game every time. The revenues collected are very high and hence the jackpot prize is high too. The lotto649 and also the various other lottery have their fixed time and date of draws. The terms and conditions for each of these vary too. Some may require you to be physically present while for the others, it won’t matter If you are present or not. There are online playing options available too. The lottery jackpots are a life changer as the sum offered can turn you into something completely different. This is the reason why people run after these lotteries. There are many cases in which the people invest a large sum of money which they cannot afford to lose, into the game in hope of earning big, but end up nowhere. People also end up in depression and anxiety crawls in. You must be extremely careful while investing your amount as there is a large possibility that you may end up with nothing. People must not be greedy as should understand their conditions well.





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