Quebec Family and Friends split $60-million win From Quebec49

In January 2017, laughter broke out among the 28 smiling winners of the largest jackpot to be won from Quebec49. Most of the 28 winners come from the same extended family and live in the Monteregie region. They all filed into the news conference room in one of the hotels in downtown Montreal.

They bought the ticket on New Year’s Day. Annie Roy and her husband, Gilles Leprohon, stopped at the gas station in L’Ange-Gardien and bought the lottery tickets using their family’s formulas. Annie was a former employee of Loto-Quebec and Gilles is an independent contractor who works with Loto-Quebec.

Why Split the $60 Million Dollars?

Annie and Gilles said that it is a long-standing tradition to buy the group formula tickets before a family gathering. Like most other times, they had little troubles selling the 20 shares of tickets from $5 each. People who bought into the tickets included Annie’s mother, father, brother, three aunts and uncles, and a few of the adult children. There were also two family friends who bought a share.

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Everyone who bought a share will be receiving a share of the $60 Million dollars. Since some of the winners were splitting their share with their spouse or another person, the $60 million was going to be broken up 20 ways. This means that each share is worth $3 million, but not everyone will receive that amount because anyone who split their share will receive half that amount. The winners of the $60 million range from 21 to 71 years old.

What is Everyone Going to Do with Their Winnings?

Due to the connection that some of the family members have with Loto-Quebec, the processing time for receiving the winnings takes a few days longer than other lotto winnings. This is because there is a special verification process that needs to be done to make sure that the winning ticket is real. This only took an extra 3 days to complete the process.

Leprohon was one of the 28 winners and says that he and his wife plan to retire and travel using their $3 million. However, they have not decided where they are going to travel to at the moment. The other winners have stated that they are planning to continue working and are going to save money for their children, buy new vehicles, or pay off their debts. The retired winners are planning to use their winnings to improve their quality of life during the rest of their retirement.

Winning the largest Quebec49 jackpot in history looks like it brought together this family even more. Each of 20 shares of the $60 million totals out to be $3 million dollars, which for many of the family members is going to make their life a little bit easier. Since some of the winners worked for Loto-Quebec, the company had to make sure that they won fairly, which it was found that they did and they received their prizes in January 2017.

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