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Every so often we hear of persons playing the lottery and receive claims to have won but is it even true? Not one bit! Though there is personnel on the ground working overtime to combat the fraudulent activities of lottery scamming, there are always the “expert” criminals who are seeking new ways to get their “dirty” hands on people’s finances. When playing the lottery, you have to be extremely careful as many of the fake games seem so real and if not careful, you get caught in the mix. But after being extra careful and have struck gold, what exactly are winnings worth doing or what have some of the past millionaires done with their cash?

The jackpot winnings are normally some hundreds of millions and though the chance of winning is low, it is possible. There have been thousands of winners over the many years and certainly, the winnings from have done so many things, both good and questionable. Many have invested in something great while others have blown their money and ended up back at square one…broke! But what are some of the most interesting stories that winners have shared of their winnings?

Here are a few of the stories shared by past winners about their winnings:

John Kutey

John won the lottery back in 2011 in the amount of $28.7 million dollars and serious consideration, he decided to along with his wife, donate a portion to building a water park. Their motivation came from building in honor of their parents. Their winning came from a share of the $319 million mega-jackpot they played. They donated over $200,000 for the construction of Spray Park in Green Island, New York.

Evelyn Adams

Evelyn’s story is more of an interesting one in terms of winning, what she did with the money and where she is now. Evelyn, a resident of New Jersey struck gold twice in two years, 1985 and 1986 when she cashed in over $5.4 million dollars. She seemed to have been one of the luckiest in terms of a back-to-back year win. After claiming her winnings, Ms. Evelyn decided to have a little extra fun with it as she headed to Atlantic City and stashed out all the winnings in gambling, tables, slot machines and every other kind of casino games. Unfortunately, she went a little too far with her luck and ended up living in a trailer park, penniless and really fighting to survive.

Louise White

In 2012, Ms. Louise White, an 81-year-old woman of Newport, Rhode Island, became lucky when she bought a lottery ticket that cashed in a whopping $336.4 million dollars. She gave her charm to building a trust which she named after an ice cream she had bought earlier, The Rainbow Sherbert Trust”. She called the dessert her lucky charm and the trust she developed later on in the years helped and benefitted her family. Not a bad choice I would say for building a strong future for your loved ones.

Bob Erb

Bob’s story is more of a bitter-sweet moment that many persons would really want to experience. Bob’s story is that while going to his father’s funeral in 2012, he stopped on the way to get a lottery ticket at an outlet in Calgary. He was lucky as he hit a jackpot win of $25 million dollars and as the Canadian pot activist that he was, we can just say some of his winnings went to the marijuana industry. He was a seasonal construction worker at the time of winning and unlike many other winners, he didn’t quit but continued and used that salary as a charitable donation to the food banks! Have to say kudos to him for that!

Janite Lee

Politics, as we all know, can be a tricky thing from every angle and Ms. Lee found that out, maybe a little too late! After hitting a jackpot win in 1993, the wigmaker from South Korea decided to donate a huge some of that money to her political party. She in return was a little bit too kind in spending as she ended up running into bankruptcy a short period after. She gambled on top of that political donation and was left with a huge credit card debt.

Merle and Patricia Butler

Let’s start by saying they thought hard about their winnings and yes, made some good choices. Back in 2012, they got a share of the mega jackpot of $656 million dollars and after not knowing what to do with the money, they sought financial and legal advice.

Denise and Paul Hardware

After becoming multi-millionaires back in 2007 with a £5 million win, they decided they needed to make some good investment from the blessing. Of course, they celebrated some of that winnings with a cruise after which they paid off their mortgage, bought their dream home and invested in some other properties. They also made plans for the future by funding their son’s college degree tuition from the Oxford Brookes University.

Lara and Roger Griffiths

Well like many other lottery winners, the Griffiths who cashed in on £1.8 million. They bought their dream home, bought their plush cars and lived life on a high. They also made investments in rental apartments. But regrettably to say, after just six years of all that living, they were stranded with a “no money” portfolio. Living the way, you also dreamt of is great, but think hard and wise when you do.

So, you see, winning the lottery can be an amazing thing but if you are not wise in what you do, you may end up like many of these past winners and many others…broke and worst off than you originally were. There are so many other winners out there who have yet to share their stories and even though they have seen how some of the previous winners turned out, they don’t really take that as a lesson and learn from it. Many do have success stories to share while others are still trying to figure out what happened to all those millions they cashed in a few years ago.

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