Surreal Win for a Quebec School Janitor on the Quebec 49

For one school janitor in Quebec, Monday morning turned into the best day of the work week. This happened to Carl Villeneuve, who had been working at a local school in Saguenay as a janitor. His wife, Marie-Josee Picard, also works in a school as a school cook. The couple found out that they had won the Friday draw for $60 million on the Quebec 49 during the weekend and quickly started making plans on what they would do with the money.

What Are They Going to do with Their Winnings?

The first question that many people have after they hear about someone winning is ‘what are the winners going to do with their winnings?’ Carl and Marie-Josee have already decided that they are going to leave working at the school. Carl quit his job on the same Monday in February that they went to receive their winnings.

Along with the quitting their jobs, they are also planning on traveling. In the past, the couple was unable to travel because they worked and took care of their children. They did have a modest income working for the school system. However, the $60 million is allowing them to travel since they have the freedom to retire early.

They have also stated that they are planning on giving some of their winnings to their family. They have three adult children who are in their 20s. There are also two granddaughters in the family, who could benefit from the $60 million win.

Marie-Josee said during the interview when she received their winnings, she would like to buy a large home and a chalet with the money. She is also looking forward to taking vacations in the near future. However, she was not sure what they are going to do with all the money at this time, so only time will tell what is going to happen with their winnings.

The Surrealism of the Win

Most people only dream of winning the lottery. However, people who win the lottery never think about what they are going to do with the money. This included Carl and Marie-Josee because they had no idea what winning the lotto was going to be like.

Carl and Marie-Josee were planning on working until they were able to retire at their past jobs. Marie-Josee was not sure if she was going to leave her job after winning the lotto, but Carl told his employer soon after winning that he was going to be leaving his job within a few weeks. They were still in shock when they received the cheque for the $60 million jackpot.

The surrealism of winning $60 million on Quebec 49 did not really set in for Carl and Marie-Josee until a few weeks after their win. This is one of the largest jackpots that can be won from the lotto in Quebec, soCarl and Marie-Josee will be receiving all $60 million because Canada is one of the few countries that do not tax lotto winnings.

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