The Big Lotto 649 Winners Whose Lives Have Already Changed in 2018

Lotto 649 is one of the highest paying lotteries in the world. Hundreds of people have already won millions of dollars by persistently participating in this lottery. The low tier prizes are also big and help people make their dreams come true. Of course, every punter and better hopes for the best while buying a lottery ticket. Not everyone can win, but if they did, all of them would have some interesting story to tell. People have dreams they want to come true, and they think the lottery is a perfect way to pursue those dreams.

In the end, only the winners are left to not only share their winning stories but tell the world about their lives before winning the lottery. These stories are inspiring and somehow fill people’s hearts with hope. And it is this hope that keeps people participating in lotteries all over the world. Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting stories of the big lotto 649 winners of 2018 whose lives transformed in a blink before their very eyes.

The Big Lotto 649 Winners of 2018

Lotto 6/49

The Winners with the Big Hearts

One of the most amazing winner stories of 2018 comes from the Lotto 649 draw that took place on March 21, 2018. It was a Wednesday draw that changed the lives of two friends running a business together. These two friends have been in the lottery together and it is only after their win their community must have realized how big their hearts are.

First, the jackpot on March 21 of the current year was a whopping $20 million after several rollovers. The exact jackpot was $20,481,125.50, which was going to change the lives of two amazing friends. The winning numbers were 01-05-09-12-39-41 + 28 (bonus). The two friends winning the jackpot are Emanoil and David Brown. They are both from Orangeville and have a business of recycling metal items.

Emanoil, who is also called Mike, was the first one to check the ticket and discover about their win. According to Mike, discovering that they had won more than $20 million was so overwhelming for him that he started to shake. He further added that he started screaming spontaneously because of happiness. The first person he thought of after winning was his friend and his partner in the business. Of course, Mike was not going to break the news to his friend in a boring and bland way. So, he called him and told him he needed him to complete some task.

Mike says that when David arrived and received the news of their win, he reacted in the same way as Mike. He could not stop screaming. David and Mike are friends who have families and children. After overcoming their ecstatic moments, the two friends started to think what they were going to do with the money. Their minds were pretty clear about what they wanted to do with the money. There was no focus on taking vacations and visiting the beautiful destinations of the world. Instead, they instantly thought of their friends, relatives, and families who were stuck in mortgages.

They wanted to help those loved ones. In addition to that, they wanted to put some money into the business to expand it further. They also had plans to help the community that they were a part of for so many years. Some money, according to the friends, was going to go into the charities too. It was Petro Canada in Orangeville that sold this life to change the lottery ticket to the friends.

This win was not the only big thing that happened on the March 21st drawing. The second tier bonus on this day was a whopping $274,027. It could have gone to many players. But since it was a special day, only one person was able to take this prize home as well. They might not have won the jackpot, but their prize was big enough to bring some big changes in their life too.

It is amazing that while most of the lottery winners focus more on taking some time off work or going to their favorite place in the world to spend a few days relaxing, the two friends had complete focus on helping others with the money they had received.

The Exemplary Couple with High Hopes

Persistence and perseverance pay off, and there is no one to teach this lesson better than the couple that won the big $9 million jackpot on July 11, 2018. The exact Lotto 649 prize money that the couple won was $9,333,580.80. That was a huge and life-changing win for the couple whose nothing but a role model for many.

The couple is Therese Sirois and Roger. They live in Garson and the first impressive thing about this couple is that they have been together for more than 50 years. The second lesson to learn from the couple is perseverance. They both have been buying lottery tickets relentlessly since 1982. That’s a dedication of nearly 36 years from the couple and there is no doubt that their positivity bore fruit and they were able to win prize money that you can call a true life changer.

The winning numbers of this Wednesday draw of Lotto 649 were 01-09-11-38-45-48 + 25(bonus). While there were thousands of winners on this day, the second tier prize money was $232,871 which also went to only one person.

It was Therese who had the coincidence of checking the ticket that day. She used a mobile application to scan the ticket and find out the lotto 649 results. When she used the app and it called her the “Big Winner” she could not believe her eyes. It was unbelievable for her and so she thought of checking the ticket on the website as well. The confirmation was shocking, elating, and unbelievable for her at the same time. According to Therese, she could not tell if things were happening for real or she was just dreaming at that time.

The amazing couple had to have someone to share the big news and there was no one close to them than their own children. So, they booked a get-together for their sons to give them the surprise. After the formal meeting, they shared the news of their relocation to Toronto. The children were happy upon hearing this from their parents but little did they know that their parents were going to hand over to them the winning ticket that was worth more than $9 million. According to the couple, their sons were in shock, and they could not utter a word after looking at the winning slip. Once they regained their senses, all they did was talk without stopping.

It was a happy story because the parents had been planning to be with their children for quite some time. The money they had won was going to help them do just that. They were now ready to make the move to the new city and into a new house which brought them closer to their own children and their children. The couple wants to celebrate their win with the family. So they are not planning a trip alone to some vacation spot. They wish to take their children and grandchildren with them too.

The store where the couple bought their lucky winning ticket was Garson Mini Mart.

The Winners Who Love Their Family Too Much

Love family

The Saturday Lotto 649 draw that took place on June 30, 2018, was lucky for the couple that likes to spend time with its children. The winning numbers on this day were 02-03-07-11-16-20 + 17(bonus). The jackpot had not rolled over a lot but the prize money of exactly $7 million is still life-changing for most who are taking part in lotteries week after week.

Sandee Towers and Wayne Martin make up the couple that won this amazing jackpot in June. The first plan of the family is to go for an African Safari tour to spend some time off their busy lives. The couple also wishes to relocate into a new house that they want in the interiors of British Columbia. According to Sandee, there is a very strong and tight bond among every member of their family. They like to stay together in their happiness and sorrows. That’s why the couple is going to buy a house where they can live even more tightly together.

The ticket was sold at a Granville Avenue 7-Eleven store. Wayne was the lucky buyer of the ticket and he was also the one to discover that they had won big this time. Wayne explains the moment of discovering his winning ticket by saying that he just could not believe his eyes. He just could not trust his own eyesight anymore when he saw the number of zeros in the prize money that he had won. He stood there trying to make himself believe in what he was just witnessing.

Wayne felt as though his brain had stopped working. Finally, he made up a plan to surprise his wife. His wife was in England at that time and he was not going to hold back until her return so he decided to go to England too. He met his wife and started talking about how he had so many desires of buying so many things. At one point, he told his wife that he was going to buy those things, including the jeep he had always wished to buy. When Sandee did not pick up on hints, he broke the news to her.

The couple just wants the family to be together and spend the money on improving their quality of life. The couple wishes to provide financial help to their children in their endeavors as well.

The Woman Who Wasn’t April Fooling Anyone

One of the most interesting stories is of Christina, who lives in Delta. She turned into a millionaire after the Lotto 649 draw that took place on March 28, 2018. The winning numbers of the jackpot were 11-12-19-24-28-46 + 39 (bonus). Christina was $7 million richer as a result of this draw. It was a lucky day for someone else who won the second tier prize of a whopping $221,564.

According to Christina, she could not tell what she was feeling when she found out that she had one seven million dollars in a snap. The news was so overwhelming for her. When she phoned her husband to tell him about the win, she could not utter words from her mouth.

Christina had already thought out the first few things she was going to do with the money. First, she wished to move into a new house so that was on top of the list. Secondly, she had been thinking of getting a new vehicle. So a new truck was going to be on its way as soon as Christina received her winning money. Another thing she wished to do with the money was bringing a pet into the house, which she wished to treat like a family member.

According to her, her wish of buying a dog was not only hers. But more of her son’s who had always wished to own one. However, she could never make the dream of her son come true because they lived in an apartment. Christina has no plans of quitting her job. However, she does want to spend some time away from work with her family in New Zealand and Australia, relaxing and enjoying life to the fullest.

The Delta store that sold the lucky ticket to Christina was Tsawwassen Thrifty Foods. The winning money is going to bring the family from an apartment to a new and beautiful house with not just the father, mother, and their son but a beautiful dog as well.


The stories of these amazing winners serve as proof that belief and hope can bring happiness. The gratitude might not always be instant. Not to mention, the longer you wait for something, the more happiness it gives you when you finally receive it. A few dollars a week on a ticket that could change your life completely is not a bad investment at all. If you are someone who has big dreams, try the Lotto 649 lottery and hope for the best.

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