These Two Friends Are an Example of What Persistence Means

Participating in a lottery like Lotto 6/49 can be expensive if you want to buy a ticket for every draw. Since there are two draws every day, a total of 14 draws take place for Lotto 6/49 lottery every week. It is not possible for everyone to spend that much money on lottery tickets every week. However, that’s where the true friendship comes in. If you could convince your friend to contribute with you in purchasing the tickets, the burden can be lessened a lot. In the end, you can split whatever prize money you win equally. This story is of two friends who showed persistence and let it win them a huge prize from the Lotto 6/49 lottery.

We Were Having Troubles with Our Business

We are two best friends with a friendship that can be used as a role model for all the kids and adults around the world. We had been friends since our school days. Time flew by and here we were in a workshop working together. This workshop where we serviced and repaired cars was our own. We had been doing fine until the start of 2016. That’s when our business started to go down the slope. We were not too sure why that was happening because we were still providing the same level of customer service to everyone who walked into our workshop.

What we realized later was that we did not have the latest machinery to perform many of the tasks quickly. Even when it comes to aligning the wheels, we took more time than a high-tech and big workshop took. People like quick service these days and were not able to deliver that because we did not have the right equipment. When we went into the market and inquired about the latest equipment, we were shocked. It was sure after knowing the prices that we were not going to buy any new machines. We just did not have enough money to do such a transaction.

We Reached an Agreement about the Lottery

Somehow, my friend discovered the Lotto 6/49 Canadian lottery, learned all about it, and pitched the idea of participating in the lottery to me. I loved the idea because of how this lottery worked. We reached an agreement on how we were going to participate in the lottery. First, we decided that we were not going to participate separately. In our friendship, doing it separately was nothing less than betrayal. So, we decided that each person would buy the tickets of the lottery every other day. Yes, we were going to bet on the lottery every single day but each person was going to take turn on every other day.

The most important thing that we decided was that whoever wins the lottery, the total amount will be split equally between us. Yes, there are many stories about greed where two friends end up being each other’s enemies. However, we are not your regular friends. We agreed on the terms and started betting on the lottery every alternate day.

I Played Smartly

We betted on the lottery for several months, but we did not win anything big. Off and on we would win something small and split that evenly. However, 10 months of unstoppable participation in the lottery was still not enough to tire us. We kept buying the tickets until the day when we got lucky and matched five numbers with five of the six drawn numbers. Well, it was my bet that I had placed after using the Smart Pick option on Lotto 6/49. The smart pick option was all about using the past results to give you numbers that were “most likely” to appear in the draws.

I looked at the statistics of the numbers on Lotto 6/49 website. After that, I used the smart pick option on the website. However, I doubled checked the results with my findings from the statistics page. Everything was straightforward and I had discovered that Lotto 6/49 was generating random yet the exact numbers that appeared in the past results the most. In short, the Smart Pick option was definitely worth a try. I tried the option and it won us more money than we could have ever imagined.

I Broke the News to My Friend

So, I checked the results of the lottery, went through that phase where you can’t believe that you are the winner. After that, I called my friend and told him to come to the workshop for some urgent work. He came running and when he arrived I said, “Dude, something big has happened and I am not sure how you are going to react when I tell you about it?” He was concerned instantly when he heard me saying those words. He was quite upset I could tell from the looks on his face.

I dragged the whole scene a bit and asked him again, “Are you sure you won’t react madly after hearing what I have to say?” His reply was, “I am not sure man. I guess it depends on what kind of bomb you are about to drop on me.” I explained, “So, I was on my smartphone. I just wanted to try something new so I went on the Lotto 6/49 website and used their Smart Pick tool to pick the lottery numbers for me.” All my friend said in response was, “So?” To this I replied, “So we have won more than $100,000”.

Next thing you know, he reacted crazily. In fact, he started acting like a monkey. I did not know he could jump five feet in the air just like that.

Persistence Pays Off

From this win, I have learned that your persistence pays off. It does not matter which profession, game, activity, etc. you are in. If you stick around for a long time, you do get the return for your hard work. Ten months might not be a long time for some people. However, we purchased tickets every single day. At times it seemed like quite an expense when we calculated it at the end of the month. However, our win was worth every penny and second we had spent on this lottery. Today, our business is in the best shape it can be. We have the latest equipment and things are only getting better with time.

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