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Toto Bulgaria

Most people don’t know much about Bulgaria. Those who are into football may have possibly heard of it a bit, but others are usually just familiar with the name and not more than that. Today, it is time to get acquainted with a game of chance from this Balkan country. While there are several lottery games that are available, the Toto 2 6/49 is a popular game, mostly because it follows the standard lottery format that can be seen in other lottery games around the world. The good thing about this popular lottery is that it is a rather old one.

The first ever drawing in the history of the Toto 2 6/49 took place on December 29th, 1957. Since its first draw, the game has evolved considerably and is now one of the most prominent games in the country. It was in 1960 when a change was made in the game and a new requirement of two additional numbers was introduced. The drawings begun to be televised in 1975 and were broadcasted live on the national TV channel. Before 1993, there had also been a limit due to which winners had been unable to claim the entire jackpot. But, in that year, this limitation was removed and this meant that the whole jackpot amount could be claimed.

Then, in 2002, another introduction was made in the form of Second Toto Chance. In this additional game, there is the drawing of one Toto 2 ticket and it didn’t end up winning anything in the main draw. The purpose of introducing this game was to provide additional encouragement and stimuli to people for buying tickets. Nonetheless, since people don’t know much about Bulgaria, they are often prompted to doubt the legitimacy of the game. This is also due to the fact that there have been numerous lottery scams out there and no one wants to be a victim.

The good news is that Toto 2 6/49 is a fully authentic and legitimate game because it is run by a national entity. The state entity that holds the responsibility of running and managing the game is called the Bulgarian Sports Totalizator, which was established back in 1957. The first game that was introduced by this official entity was known as the Sports Toto 1. Later on in the same year, the entity also conducted the very first drawing of the Toto 2 6/49.

Today, there are approximately 1,500 retail venues that are part of the distribution network of Bulgarian Sports Totalizator. Not only is the organization responsible for conducting the lottery draws, but it has also taken up the job of handling the setup of all sports events. One of the most prominent games in the portfolio of the organization is none other at Sports Toto 2 6/49. There are other opportunities also available in the country, which include 10 Out of 10, Toto Joker, Zodiac, 6/42, Toto 2 5/35, Type 1X2 as well as a variety of instant scratch card games that people can enjoy.

How To Play Toto Bulgaria

Now, let’s talk about how to play the Toto 2 6/49 game. Anyone who has played the lottery before is quite familiar with how the 6/49 game format works. In order to get the opportunity to take home the jackpot, players have to select six lucky numbers and then make the payment for their ticket. The cost of a single entry in the game is 0.85 Lev, which is less than 1 USD. This makes the game highly affordable for everyone and people don’t have to worry about spending huge sums of money and not getting enough return.

If you are interested in boosting your chances of winning a prize in the Toto 2 6/49, there is the option of playing a system. Yes, this means that the price of the ticket will rise, but it also makes it more likely that you will be able to take home a reward. An appealing fact about Toto 2 6/49 is that it has two draws in a week, one on Thursday and the second on Sunday. This means that players have two chances in a single week to take home a prize. The best part is that sometimes special draws are also held in the lottery game, but this is usually reserved for certain holidays.

These special draws are usually announced ahead of time to give people enough chances to buy as many tickets as they want. Moreover, the jackpot for these draws is separate from the one that’s accumulated in the regular and standard drawings of the Toto 2 6/49. Other than the main drawing, the game also boasts the Second Chance Toto drawing. In this particular drawing, the number of tickets is drawn. In the Second Chance Toto, there are both monetary rewards and also items that players can take home without having to pay any extra amount for the respective draw.

Similar to other 6/49 lottery games out there, the odds of winning the jackpot in the Toto 2 6/49 are quite tough as you have odds of 1 in 13,983,816 of doing so. The good thing about this particular game is that it boasts a minimum guaranteed jackpot of 2 million Lev, which is approximately $1.14 million. In the event that a Toto 2 draw does not have a jackpot winner, the amount is then rolled over to the next draw. The biggest jackpot that was paid out in the history of the game was 9.47 million, which was the equivalent of 5.4 million USD.

Toto Bulgaria Winners

This jackpot was paid out in 2012 and there were two lucky people who were able to get all six numbers of the draw correctly. Each one of the winners was able to take home a substantial prize of 4.73 million home. The biggest sum that has been won by a single player in the Toto 2 is around 7.94 million Lev. This particular jackpot was produced rather recently, only last year in May. The name of the lucky winner was Todor Krantov and he participated in the draw with a ticket that had multiple combinations.

The winner, who was 78 years old, revealed that he had worked his entire life in a shoe factory and had never been paid a salary higher than 300 Lev, which is the equivalent of 171 USD. Krantov was the 91st individual who was successful in becoming a millionaire by participating in the Toto 2. Apart from the jackpot, this lottery games give people access to three additional prize tiers. As far as the size of the prize for these tiers is concerned, it depends on the number of tickets that are sold and the number of winners in each respective category.

Those who are able to guess five out of the six numbers correctly will be able to take home an average prize of 4,000 Lev. For people who are successful in matching four out of the six numbers, there is a prize of 50 to 60 Lev to take home. The last prize available in the Toto 2 game is around 4.2 Lev and it is paid out to players who are able to match three of the total six numbers in the draw. Participants should be aware that prizes of up to 200 Lev can be claimed by visiting any authorized retail venue. If your prize is between the range of 201 and 9999.99 Lev, then you can cash it out at any office of EuroBank Bulgaria in the country. If the amount that you have won is bigger than this, then it will paid out to you through a wire transfer to a bank account that you will have to provide. This prize can only be claimed by a player when they visit the central office of the lottery in Sofia. The payouts of the prizes also begin on the same draw that the draw of the Toto 2 is conducted. Winners are provided approximately 45 days from the date of the draw to make a claim for their prize.


The good thing about playing Toto 2 is that there is no lottery tax applicable in the country. Players are going to receive all their prizes in the form of a cash lump sum and no deductions will be made. If you are interested in taking advantage of modern conveniences like playing the lottery online, Toto 2 does provide this option to you on their official website. However, this option can only be availed by players who are present in the country. This doesn’t mean that international players cannot participate in this game. The requirement for doing so is to be at least 18 years old or more.


But, how will you buy a ticket? This is where the lottery services suck as Lottosend come. These have their agents in different countries including Bulgaria who are ready to buy tickets on your behalf. They have websites where you can sign up by making an account and choose the game you want to play. You can specify the number of tickets you want and make the payment through numerous online methods. Once the transaction is complete, the agents will go out to the authorized venue to buy the ticket on your behalf.

They will choose the numbers you have decided to play and make the purchase for you. Then, they will send you a scanned copy of the ticket to confirm that you have been entered in the draw. You can check the results online and they will also notify you of the results. In case your ticket wins the prize, the agents can claim it on your behalf and pay your winnings to you online. In this way, you don’t have to leave your own country in order to participate in international games.

One thing you need to remember is that lottery winnings might not be taxed in Bulgaria, but your own country may have some rules and regulations that you need to be aware of. Other than that, you need to be smart when you are choosing your numbers for Toto 2 because it is a 6/49 game and this is known to have tough odds. Therefore, making mistakes is only going to cost you your ticket and waste your chance of winning a prize.

Choosing Numbers

As the pool of numbers is 49, going with birthdays or other dates is not exactly a wise idea because this will limit you to 30 or 31 numbers and this can be a major setback. You need to spread out your number choices as much as possible in order to maximize your chances of winning the Toto 2. Furthermore, it is not a smart move to select numbers from just one number group and ignore the rest because it is very rare for all the six numbers to be from the same group.

In addition, going with predictable number combinations like multiples of five or even consecutive numbers is not exactly a wise decision. These are simply long shots that rarely ever get selected and if you are just purchasing one ticket, you don’t want it to be wasted through these strategies. Similarly, playing the winning numbers of the last or second-last draw is also not a good move because the same numbers are rarely picked in any lottery draw and the same can be said for Toto 2. You can try the system combination for playing a larger set of numbers and get more chances of being able to match the ones that are drawn.

Final Words

There might not be a lot of innovative appeal in this particular game in Bulgaria, but the low cost of the ticket and the massive jackpots that you can get can make it an irresistible game, especially for international players. The two drawings in a week also provide greater opportunities for the players and the legitimacy ensures the transparency and fairness of the lottery draws. There are several prize tiers and jackpots of the Toto 2 can reach great heights if they continue to roll over.

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