Vital Information on Canada Lotto 6/49 Lottery

The Interprovincial Lottery Corporation, which is an association of five regional and provincial lottery companies, which cover the whole of Canada, runs the Lotto 6/49 game.

The Latest on Lotto 6/49

Aside from the increasing jackpot, currently Lotto 6/49 provides a guaranteed prize draw of USD 1 million. Jackpot now begins at USD 5 million and you are able to obtain free play prizes just by matching 2 figures and odds of 1 in 6.6, to be a winner of any prize. Each week has 2 draws, which enables you to have even 100 draws beforehand.

Playing Canada Lotto 6/49

The regulations of the game are reminiscent of its name, where you should speculate on 6 numbers from 49 to become winner of top prize. The player should choose 6 figures from a speculative range of 1-49 in order to play Lotto 6/49. The lottery provides a single bonus ball, which is just counted with secondary prizes.

Using TheLotter to Play Canada Lotto 6/49

You just require pressing PLAY on NEXT DRAW for Lotto 6/49. After this, you should simply select your lucky figures and finalize your order by submitting your payment choice. Selecting your lucky figures is carried out in 3 varied methods:

  1. Quick Pick where a random selection is made by the system.
  2. My Lucky Numbers, where saved numbers are used.
  3. Alternatively, you can choose numbers manually. You have the choice of opting to make a subscription each month on the page for payment.

Lotto 6/49

History of Jackpot Prizes

In the lottery history in Canada, the drawing of the hugest single jackpot recorded was carried out on 13 April 2013 for a USD 63.4 million jackpot. Four winning tickets were available. Three of these tickets were bought in British Columbia while the fourth was purchased in Alberta.

The drawing of the second hugest jackpot happened on 26th October 2005. 17 employees of oil and gas plant bought the USD54.3 million single winning ticket in Camrose, Alberta.

The jackpot of 54.3 million was initially approximated at USD 40 million. However, due to fast sales resulting from lottery frenzy all through the country, the jackpot raised to USD54, 294,712. There was an approximate value of USD 99.4 million of sales in tickets.

The third hugest jackpot was valued at USD 50.3 million whose drawing occurred on 21 February 2009. Four winning tickets were present, one in Quebec and three in Ontario. The hugest Lotto 6/49 jackpot was USD 26,410,706 on 2 September 1995 when each play featured USD 1.

Ticket Prizes for Canada Lotto 6/49

The game experienced major changes in 2013 in September. The lowest jackpot rose to USD 5,000,000 from USD 3,000,000. Together with another ‘Free Play’ prize when two key numbers were matched, today there is a new ‘Guaranteed Prize Draw.’

Here, one ticket holder is assured of winning USD 1,000,000 following each draw. The initial draw happened on 18 September 2013.

The Lotto 6/49 prize pool is determined by pari-mutuel share, which involves a computation where the overall cash provided to a prize category are split according to the overall number of winners in the category.

If there is drawing of famous number combinations, there can be a huger number of winning tickets and prize share that is lower. Some combinations that are more famous depend on arrangement of figures, horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines on multiples of numbers, selection slips, differences in dates of birth, historic dates, etc.

These combinations are different for each draw and alter according to the play patterns of a customer.



Draws Schedule


The Interprovincial Lottery Corporation draws winning numbers at 21:00 each Wednesday and Saturday at 21:00. This is effected using a ball machine of Ryo-Catteau Tulipe.

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