Winning the Lotto for the Second Time

Some people insist that there are no Lotto 649 winners. They say that no one from their home town has won the lottery. As a result of this, if you play Lotto 649 online and win $1,000 or more, your name is published automatically. If you win more than $10,000, then your name and your picture is published.

These are some of the terms that one agrees to when they buy the ticket.  Having these records is proof that people actually play and win. This was the case with Francois Loubert. He bought a ticket in Montreal and ended up a winner with Extra on March 2, 2017.

Second Time is A Charm

Those who say that lightning does not strike the same place twice have not heard of Francois’ story. Francois once won $50,000 in 1976 on his father’s birthday, and won again in March 2017 on his mother’s birthday, he won $1,000,000 and claimed his prize in Loto-Quebec in Montreal. The second time he won, he got 20 times more than he did the first time around.

How He Found Out

Francois checked his ticket without his glasses and saw too many zeros. He asked for confirmation from his spouse because he thought he was mistaken. Just like that, he and his spouse became the lucky Lotto 649 winners of $1,000,000.

Fill Lotto 649 Numbers

How Has His Life Changed?

Francois hopes to undertake a number of projects that he had put on hold because of resources. He and his spouse can now purchase a house. This was his spouse’s exclamation once it was confirmed that they had actually won the money. They are also able to do a wedding and take on some investments.

Unlike other Lotto 649 winners, Francois does not have a reason to sidetrack his daily routine. The money is to be put in worthwhile investments which could have his family set up for life.

Collecting the Prize

Like Francois, others who play Lotto 649 online should be encouraged to collect their prize money immediately. This is because after six months the winnings are forfeited. There are different reasons such as the need for adequate planning and tax obligations that could influence someone’s decision to delay collecting the prize. Francois did not have such challenges because it was not his first time at the rodeo. He had been a lottery winner in the 70’s, and this probably helped him deal with the second win.

Do not forget that you need the ticket in order to receive your prize. For amounts about $1,000 you also have to present yourself at Lotto 649 Headquarters nearest you. If you purchased the ticket online from a different part of the world and you happen to win, there are measures that can be taken to ensure that you receive your prize money.

For a long time, people participated in the lottery only within their hometowns and countries. However, now you can play Lotto 649 online, and this allows you to participate from different parts of the world. You never know. You could be the next Francois.

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