They Won the Lotto – So Can You…

Lotto 649 is the biggest, and dare we say, the best lottery draw game in Canada. The popularity of this North American lottery has expanded beyond its physical borders and the Lotto 649 has established itself as a great choice for online lottery players.

Here is the story of a recent Lotto 649 winner. Follow what they did and who knows, you could be the next Lotto 649 winner that we write about:

Winners Stories

The lucky Lotto 649 players that won the recent draw were Rayel Poitras and Lisa Scott. The married couple from Canada, Rayel and Lisa have been playing the Lotto 649 for a number years. Over the years they had won smaller prizes here and there – just enough to keep them playing, and I bet they are happy that they decided to keep on playing!

The February 2017 Lotto 649 draw was one that would change their lives forever. Lisa & Rayel’s ticket matched the encore jackpot and took home a cool $1,000,000. As I said, I bet that they are happy now that they decided to keep on playing.

The way that he found out about his jackpot win was a typical lottery winners’ story. At the local service station, Rayel had to pick up some things for the house and at the last minute, as he was returning to his car, Rayel remembered his Lotto 649 ticket.

The ticket was purchased a few days prior but Rayel recognized that the actual draw was the night before and figured “what the hell, no better time than now”. He put the bags in the boot of the car and returned to the petrol station to get his Lotto 649 ticket scanned. This is when everything changed.

Lotto 649 – Life Changing Win

At first, Rayel couldn’t believe what was happening and assumed that the machine was acting up so was assisted by the clerk to scan the ticket again. On the second attempt, there was no such technical difficulty but simply the words “you are a jackpot winner”. The store clerk immediately checked the ticket status and confirmed to Rayel that he was the winner of the $1,000,000 Lotto 649 encore jackpot prize!

Rayel, still in shock, contacted his wife straight away to share the life changing news. Lisa was supportive initially but still wanted to see for herself, so she met Rayel and they went to a different store to check the tickets again. Much to her amazement, the ticket was confirmed a jackpot winner again!

We would like to think that Lisa did believe him, she just wanted to see for herself and that’s understandable when you are talking about figures this big.

Lotto 649 – What to Buy First?

The couple said that they would buy their first house with the majority of the cash and have already set up an investment plan that will pay for their children to go to university. We still winners all the time and hear from them on what they will be spending their money on. It’s refreshing hear a couple like Rayel and Lisa who despite their new seven figure bank account have remained down to earth and consistent in the things that they want to buy.

Not everyone that wins the lottery decides to blow it all on parties and vacations. Some just want to get on the property ladder and provide education to their children.

We hope that the Lotto 649 cash injection is truly life changing to this couple. Another family that has been changed drastically for the better thanks to the lottery, and in particular, the Lotto 649.



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